Adventure Camp

This Week’s Adventure:
Fishers of Men

Let’s take the time to praise God and worship Him! Let’s tell God how much we love Him and how thankful we are for what He does for us!

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Read-along lesson with
WITH Officer Billy Bob Joe AND LANDON!
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Hello and welcome to Adventure Camp! My name is John.


Officer Billy Bob Joe: I’m Officer Billy Bob Joe!


Landon: And my name is Landon!


So I have a question for you guys: have you ever been fishing?


Officer Billy Bob Joe: Oh yeah! I REALLY enjoy goin’ fishin’! It’s a relaxing pass time AND it comes with dinner!


Landon: Well, there was that time I went fishing and caught 14 of them but it was only because I thought we were talking about selling fish and not SELFISHNESS.


Yeah, again, I apologize about that one.


Landon: Don’t worry I’m not SALTY about it! HA! Get it!?




Officer Billy Bob Joe: Heh, well I’m glad you’re not ofFINded!




*Both laugh*


Hm. Thinking of a fish joke. I guess someone needs to throw me a line.


*Both Puppets laugh again*




Officer Billy Bob Joe: That’s a good one.


Anyways. The reason I brought up fishing, is because it has to do with today’s lesson!


Landon: Oooh!


Officer Billy Bob Joe: Will I need my tackle box?


That won’t be necessary. Just your Bible and good attitude!


You see, one day Jesus was walking by the sea of Galilee when He saw two brothers: Simon Peter and Andrew casting a net into the sea! They were fishermen! Their job was to catch fish and to sell them! And Jesus told them “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”


And they left their nets and followed Jesus! Then Peter, his brother Andrew, James, and his brother John, became four of Jesus’ twelve disciples!


Landon: Wow! Okay, but uh. Jesus didn’t mean throwing nets and hooks at people right?


Officer Billy Bob Joe: Uh, not at all, Landon. Jesus was talking about telling people how He came to save everybody and how they can be a part of God’s Kingdom!


Landon: Oh!


Right! We also call this “spreading The Gospel!” That means telling people the good news about Jesus!


God sent His Son Jesus to the earth to pay the price for sin, dying on the cross, so that way we wouldn’t have to. You see sin is all the bad stuff people do and God can’t be around that. And so if there was no way to get away from sin, people would have to die and go to a bad place called Hell. But because Jesus did all of that for us, and arose from the dead after three days, anyone who asks Jesus to be in their hearts, can be saved!


So telling people about Jesus and what He did for us is like we’re catching people, helping them be saved from Hell.


Landon: Okay that makes a LOT more sense than my explanation.


Officer Billy Bob Joe: Yep! And there’s lots of different ways to be fishers of men!


Sure! There’s telling people about Jesus, doing what’s right, and even just being on your best behavior!


Landon: Really??


Officer Billy Bob Joe: It’s true! When people act on The Fruit of The Spirit, they’re being an example of a child of God to others!


Landon: Wow!


Yep! Having love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and self-control is a way to be a fisher of men!


Officer Billy Bob Joe: And just to clarify, by “men” Jesus meant mankind. So boys and girls!


Right! Jesus wants to save everybody!


Hey, I have an idea, let’s use our imaginations and we’ll meet Peter and John and listen to them talk about their time with Jesus!


Landon: Oooh! That sounds like fun!


Alright! Just click the play button below to start the video!



Officer Billy Bob Joe: See y’all over there!

Peter and John on a boat.
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