Joshua and the wall of Jericho
patience game

Joshua and his army showed great patience when following God’s instructions! They had to do everything to a T without saying a word!


For this game, everyone split up into two groups:

The Israelites & and the people of Jericho


The Israelites will get in a line, and on the count of three, say “JOSHUA CHALLENGE!” THEN be as quiet as possible while marching around a table, or chair 7 times (Just like Joshua and his army did on the seventh day!).


The Challenge?

The people of Jericho will be standing on the sidelines shouting, telling jokes, dancing, and making as much noise as possible to distract the Israelites

and try to make them laugh!

(They could even throw popcorn at them)


If an Israelite laughs, they’re out!


See if the Israelites can make it through all 7 laps with at least one member without giggling or saying ANYTHING! Then, the Israelites will SHOUT!